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Dr. Grouchy reviews movies and comments on the state of things in his weblog. The doctor has a wit like a box of sharp glass, and is hailed far and wide as an expert on most matters. Dr. Grouchy has a Ph.D. in Criticism that he applied for online and paid for with boxtops.

“I will take you on a journey to critique the sublime and ridicule the ridiculous. Your misconceptions will be eradicated contingent upon the affirmation of my well-learned hypotheses and well-drawn conclusions. Already, I can see the chain-reaction — the chemical precursors that signal the onset of an emotion. You subvert logic and reason and aquiesce to an irrational, primitive desire to win. Your emotion blinds you from the simple and obvious truth… that I am right and you are wrong. It is the quintessential human illusion, that someone with an inferior intelliect can win an argument with someone, such as myself, who is trained in rhetoric and gifted with superior mental faculties. Succumb to my persuasive prose, and simply conceed now and save time. You already know the answer, now you just need to accept it.”

~ Dr. Grouchy, Ph.D.

** If you wish to opine, you may contact me at: ‘drgrouchy’ at ‘drgrouchy.com’ (no solicitations accepted, without cash in advance). You may also follow me on Twitter. **

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