“Dr. Grouchy is an apt judge of human nature. He is inherently, irrevocably & concordantly precise, while simultaneously & inexorably able to accurately reflect the varying grotesqueries of a mind less bound by the parameters of perfection.”
~ The Architect

“Dr. Grouchy spent a decade alone on a small sub-pacific island… he needed to find a constructive way to deal with the voices, ever since he was rescued in 2003… God forgive the legal system that lets him walk the streets and dispense advice….”
~ Dr. Grouchy’s Psychiatrist

“Dr. Grouchy is the most arrogant, ignorant and foolish critic… a f*!$king biggot… what a deluded, pompous asshole! Wrong on all accounts… Where did he get his degree? In a Cracker-Jack box?? Jackass.”
~ David Manning/The Ridgefield Press

“Everything I know, I learned from Dr. Grouchy, Ph.D. He made me the man I am today.
~ M. Stewart

“We is gonna git us one of them fancy degrees from the AOL, just like Grouchy done did.”
~ Cletus & Bubba

“Now that I’m in, like, retirement, I gotta get me a good deal like Dr. Grouchy. I like the shag carpeting in his van!”
~ George W.

Please Remember That Dr. Grouchy Is MUCH Smarter Than You. He Is A Professional…
Do Not Try This At Home!

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